Onyx A-33 IPFD Gains Additional Exposure in Major League Fishing TV Series

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Onyx A-33 IPFD Gains Additional Exposire on Major League Fishing TV Series

Absolute Outdoor renewed the sponsorship agreement with Jack Link's Major League Fishing. This partnership includes 24 of the worlds' most talented and influential professional bass anglers and the Outdoor Channel for Q1 and Q2 2015. The 24 anglers don the Onyx A-33 Tournament Series IPFD as they set out to compete in a unique TV series showcasing unparallelled competiton in the sport of bass fishing. The program is televised on the Outdoor Channel, America's leader in outdoor TV.  The Major League Fishing Cup events air three times a week on Outdoor Channel, which includes two weekend airings and one Tuesday show. 

Major League Fishing and Outdoor Channel have also expanded their team from 24 professional anglers to 48. The new additional group of 24 anglers will be competing in the Major League Fishing Selects competition, wearing the Onyx A/M-24 Deluxe IPFD

Tune in to watch the competition, or check out the Major League Fishing website at www.majorleaguefishing.com  Follow them on Twitter, Instagram, and on Facebook.

Visit www.onyxoutdoor.com to find the Onyx A-33 and A/M-24 Deluxe IPFDs.

TV Schedule on Outdoor Channel:  MLF Cups Q1 & Q2




MLF Selects Q1 & Q2





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